Much like a wedding ring, baptism is the outward sign of the commitment you have made in your heart. While baptism doesn't make you a Christian - only your faith in Christ does that - we have the opportunity to follow Christ's example by being baptized. If you are interested in  learning more, click the link below and fill out the form or speak to a member of our staff.


We encourage everyone at Newstart to find a group that feeds them spiritually. We offer a variety of Life Groups, small group Bible studies where people walk through life together and come to a deeper understanding of the Bible. Want a place to connect with others in a smaller setting? Contact Desiree for more information and to find your group today!

Partnership Course

The online portion of our Partnership Course, through which you will discover the foundation, beliefs, vision, and structure of Newstart Church. No matter how long you've been a part of Newstart, there are essential discoveries in this course that you won't want to miss! 

Hope for Mental Health

We take mental health very seriously at Newstart. Click the link below and find resources to help and encourage!