Worship Band Audition

We are excited you are exploring the possibility of serving on our Worship Team.

Our worship team’s objectives are to create an atmosphere of fervently passionate yet completely accessible worship through song. Our culturally relevant worship will be marked by the faith and expectation that God is actively present in our praise, encouraging the hearts of people, and radically changing lives.

  • Musicians and vocalists invest time throughout the week practicing. On Sunday morning, we do a run-through of the worship set for sound, media, and transitions. All participants will arrive thoroughly rehearsed and prepared.
  • Each person must learn how to use the Planning Center Services App. for scheduling, band communication, service orders, and access chord charts and files.
  • All musicians and vocalists will use in-ear monitors.
  • Musicians and vocalists must be comfortable playing/singing with a click track and following Ableton tracks during rehearsals and services.
  • Vocalists are required to know how to sing different harmony parts.
  • Musicians should be able to use chord charts and play songs in different keys.

Step One: A two-part submission
A. Fill out the questionnaire below and click the submit button. You will receive a confirmation of submission.
B. Create a video of you playing, and/or singing one current worship song of your choosing and any second song of your choosing (secular or Christian). You are submitting 2 songs via video.
*Using your phone is perfect. No need to get elaborate or spend too much time producing this video.
*Submit the video by emailing it to gregm@newstart4u.org or texting it to 614-547-3447. A separate email or text for each song would be great (helps with file size).

Step Two: Take the online portion of the partnership Course.

Step Three: The Worship Band Leadership Team will review your submission and reply within two weeks (of having received your questionnaire and your videos from "Step One above).
*If we do not know you well or have more questions, we may contact you for a Zoom or in-person interview as a part of this step.

Step Four:  This step only applies if you are accepted for a six month development period (trial period).
*Schedule a meeting with Greg McNichols to start the development process.
*Participate in the in-person portion of the Partnership Seminar and become a partner with Newstart.
*Take the Serving Team Seminar Online.