We encourage everyone at Newstart to find a group that feeds them spiritually.
We offer a variety of Life Groups, small group Bible studies where people walk through life together and come to a deeper understanding of the Bible.
Want a place to connect with others in a smaller setting?
Contact Dave Carline for more information and to find your group today!


What are Life Groups at Newstart?
Groups of people that come together for spiritual and social connections.
Where are meetings held?
Varies by the group, but most often in homes, restaurants, or at the church. Specific locations can be found on each group page.
How long are the meetings?
Typically 1-2 hours and varies by the group.
What happens in each meeting?
Biblical Education, Prayer, Care, Socializing and most likely Snacking!
When are meetings held? How often?
Also varies by the group, but times can be found on each group page. Groups usually meet every week or every other week.
How big are the groups?
Group sizes range from 4-20.
How Do I get started?
The best two ways are: 1. Check out the individual groups on the previous page and reachout directly to any of them that may be a fit. 2. Fill out the Interest Inventory on the previous page and we’ll have someone contact you about next steps.
When can I join a Group?
Most groups welcome guests and newcomers at any time. You usually don’t have to wait for an annual or semi-annual kick-off.
What if I’ve never been in a group?
No worries! We’re in groups to learn. They are equally enjoyable regardless of previous experience and ‘bible knowledge.’
What if I’ve never read the Bible, or don’t really know it?
Most people join Groups for those very reasons. It’s often the best place to start, rather than trying to do it by yourself.
Who leads the Groups?
Each Group has a Facilitator that leads the discussions.
What material is studied?
Groups decide what to study and how. Many use study guides, videos in addition to the Bible. The church does provide recommended study topics, also.
Do I have to commit to a group long term?
Not at all. Feel free to attend a meeting or two and check them out to find the right fit. Also, Life throws us changes, so it’s possible to change groups based on your evolving situation.
I have more questions, who can I contact?
Please email Dave Carline by clicking the link above. He’d love to connect with you!